I though my CV reflected my career, achievements, and professional abilities very well. However, the lack of calls from recruiters proved differently and was disappointing. Working with Rachel I soon realised my CV was only telling half a story – that of a geeky IT guy. Through inquisitive enquiry and conversation Rachel soon uncovered a humanity and personality side. Rachel went to work on my CV, rearranged the layout to flow better, added relevant roles from the past. She also blended my humanity and personality into my CV in language which lifted my whole CV. I registered my CV on a number of job boards, and used it to update my LinkedIn profile. Result - within 7 days my profile appeared in 120 LinkedIn searches, the most ever, and up from 37 average the previous few weeks. Without Rachel's help, transforming my geeky technical CV into a powerful sales tool of.my experience and abilities, I would still be struggling to find traction on my job search.


I approached Rachel when I applied for a promotion at the financial services firm I work for. I was offered an interview but had not been through an interview process for a number of years, and there was a requirement to prepare a "90 day plan" in which I needed to cover my intentions for my first 3 months in role. I had never produced such a plan before and had no idea how to structure or present it. Rachel worked with me to understand the requirements of the new role as well as what my current experience would bring to it. She also asked relevant questions (which later came up in the interview) about what my goals were for the role and specifically within that time period. We then built the plan around these, with actions to support them. Rachel guided me both regarding the content of the plan and its presentation - I had to stand and present it as well as having it in document and note form, and Rachel supported me and provided advice for each element. Rachel also provided interview practice - asking me questions and providing feedback on the structure and content of my responses. This was vital as I had no idea how to properly structure an interview response but she gave me a framework to use which meant my answers were relevant and well formed. I went into the interview feeling confident and fully prepared. The role was into an area in which I had never worked before, but I was comfortable I could answer the questions they asked and that my presentation was professional and well-practised. I was delighted to be offered the promotion following what I was told afterwards was a strong interview, with the 90 day plan in particular held up as excellent. I very much doubt I would have been successful in gaining this role without Rachel's help and support and I would highly recommend her services.


Rachel possesses a sharp focus and process orientation. She has good attention to detail is very good at getting (others) to adopt professional processes and is future focused and readily takes responsibility. Rachel demonstrates excellent communication and relationship skills, she is very logical, reasoned and articulate…on the whole she sees both sides of an argument…she can always be practical about problems. Rachel is…personable and direct, someone who delivers improvements…will give way on things that are in best interests. She manages expectations and really nails the tone …her excellent (written) tone of voice… is so helpful for the wider business and makes her an active role model. Her instinct for how to manage the complicated expectations of a prestigious brand is a rare talent.


I believe like many others before me I felt uncomfortable in using my CV as a sales tool and had always chosen to use the interview process to further discuss achievements. Working with Rachel changed my outlook. She delicately asked enough probing questions to find out what I’d really been doing and achieving in my career to date. Rachel makes you look closely at the numbers, the financial impact you have had in a role, the changes you have made and not just simply a list of token skills or job roles. Having spent 15 years in the gaming industry I’d felt myself pigeon holed into that area despite knowing that my skills were transferable to other sectors. With hindsight my previous CV certainly wasn’t going to change a prospective employers stance. Rachel brought out skills and attributes and was able to convey them in a manner I quite simply wouldn’t ever have been able to. The biggest compliment that I can pay is that I now find myself in the fortunate position of becoming an MD of a business in a completely different employment sector. I know that this simply wouldn’t have been possible without the help received.


Rachel listened patiently whilst I talked through my career to date- she asked the right questions at the right times and obviously has a vast knowledge of many industries. My previous CV ‘didn’t do me justice’ as a former colleague told me. A vast majority of my roles had encompassed far more than my job title and I was struggling to find positions that would fulfil my experience beyond a job title. Rachel completely changed how my CV read- she expanded and focussed on what I had delivered, at what levels and pitched what I had achieved and made of the job rather than just the title.

On a personal level I have 2 children and was performing well within the corporate world however I felt like an imposter and a failure which led me to take a career break. Sitting with Rachel and hearing her feedback and questions really highlighted how much I had achieved and how well I was performing- it was an incredible confidence boost and a big moment of realisation for me. Reading my new CV, how she articulated my achievements, made me feel proud of myself. It was the kick I needed to project myself forward. I’m now working for 2 innovative start-ups- both in industry areas I haven’t worked in before but Rachel highlighted my transferable skills so well. I’m also using all my existing skills and I’m learning so many new ones as I’m now involved with different areas of business. 

Looking for a new job or a career change is such an emotional time- it’s more than just getting your CV right, it’s about knowing your worth. I had used a previous CV service and found it demotivating as it focussed on what was wrong with my current CV. Rachel provides the confidence building side of job seeking as well as the physical CV- for me that’s equally as valuable when you have to sell yourself to someone you don’t know. Working with Rachel has been a game changer for me on multiple levels.