CV Editing

The art of writing a clear, effective CV which is, by its nature, singularly self-promoting is something that makes many of us uncomfortable. My role is to help you to see the very best in yourself and to put this onto paper in the most impactful way possible, so that recruiters can see it too.

CVs are often seen as a ‘door opener’, but over the years, having recruited a large number of people, I have come to realise that they are much more than that.

CVs are not just the window, drawing people into your shop, they are what gets passed from person to person in an office when thoughts and second opinions are being sought. They are the tangible evidence of a strong candidate, who may interview well but might be forgotten without a strong CV to refer to.

I work with my clients, conducting an interview to draw out all the subtle details and experiences that set candidates apart. I then write what I find into a completely unique CV, which can be tailored for each job application.

I will always ensure that my clients are entirely satisfied with the proposed redrafting of their CV, to such an extent that they feel a real sense of ownership over the document and its contents.

As an additional service, I offer covering and application letter writing.

The Process

CVs are documents that should be as unique as you are. I do not use templates or force your experience to run to one, two or three pages. I will therefore price on a ‘per job’ basis, with additional work thereafter based on an hourly rate.

Initially, I will schedule an interview with you. If geography and time allow, this will be in person. If not, a phone call of approximately two hours will be arranged. In advance of this, I will ask you to send me whatever you have as a CV at present.

I will use this as the basis for my quotation and the framework for our meeting. When we then speak, I will ask questions relating to your roles and experience. I will then take your CV and draft an alternative version for your consideration and adjustments.

I will make two sets of proofing changes to your CV within the fixed price. Adjustments for ‘role specific’ versions will be charged at an hourly rate.

To discuss your writing requirements, please contact Rachel on 07779 332147 or email