If you find yourself sitting in front of a blank screen, with a deadline looming for a ‘one pager’ or a ‘brief summary’ and your mind in chaos, you’re not alone. I have worked with many people who find writing a paper from scratch to be monumentally hard. Much of the work I specialise in is in translating bullet points and a jumble of scribbled notes into clear, concise and impactful writing.

I also have long experience in writing on behalf of brands and businesses, including brand hierarchies, advertisements, press releases and so forth.

I can find the words you need to get your points across, be they few or many.

I can support you in editing your document, so that what you have written is grammatically and linguistically correct. If you have written the bones of your document but need help in refining and improving it, I can help.

The Process

Copywriting will be quoted on a ‘per job’ basis, depending on the size and complexity of the work.

If it is a long, continuous document, it is very different to a piece of marketing collateral or an advertisement for example.

Please call me to discuss the specifics of your job and I will be pleased to help.

To discuss your writing requirements, please contact Rachel on 07779 332147 or email