About The Written Voice

Welcome to The Written Voice. This website is home to a small, independent business, run by one woman and her dog. I like to keep things simple, so my business’ aim is exactly that. I provide support and advice to anyone struggling with how to best express themselves on paper and, where needed, write for them.

Many of the most erudite people I have met during my career have found the art of the written word quite challenging. Most people I have worked with often do not have the time or clear headspace to write a board paper in coherent, correct and persuasive language, let alone capacity to accurately proofread their work.

Too many of the most talented and highly qualified people I know cannot get past their own humility to write a hard hitting and impactful CV, which not only opens doors but keeps them open. It is in these areas that I can help.

My career has spanned the catering, FMCG, sports and leisure, and luxury industries for 18 years. My roles have been varied, fast paced and very exciting, but I have never lost my love of the English language, nor ceased to be impressed by a well-crafted letter, paper or CV.

I have had the pleasure of recruiting and working with a large number of fantastic people over the years, so I know what it takes to write a great CV, a strong board paper, financial review or end of year business summary. Much of the work I have done has been in editing, proofreading and copywriting. I have worked with clients, colleagues and publishers to produce written work that I would be proud to call my own, but more often than not, don’t, because it is work that I have done for others.

In short, I offer myself as the supportive ghostwriter for you or your business, for as much or as little help as you need to make your written work shine. This website is here to provide an insight into the services I can offer, but to understand how I can best help you, please give me a call or drop me an email.

To discuss your writing requirements, please contact Rachel on 07779 332147 or email Rachel@TheWrittenVoice.co.uk